How Does No-Dig Fence Work?

Building a Fence

Here are some visual details (they are designed to give you a general overview and should not be used as a substitute for the instructions.)

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Building a fence doesn't need to be a back breaking job. With WamBam's digless fence system you pound pipe deep into the ground. There are two issues with this, however.


The pipe can easily lose its initial intended position as it begins to penetrate into the ground. This is solved with the Anchor Positioner.


No matter how hard you try to attempt to drive your pipe perfectly straight into the ground, it will rarely end up totally level. The Leveling Donut is adjustable which will help compensates for this, so that even if your pipe is slightly crooked, your final fence post will be straight and level. Click here to see why the WamBam solution makes installing and building a fence so much easier.