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All About Installation

Vinyl Fence Installation

Even if you're not the most handy person around, we believe that anyone with an average skill set and above average desire can install our DIY fence. You need to understand that it is a big project and takes time, and that there is a learning curve. Once you get over the learning curve and give yourself plenty of time, you'll probably be surprised at what you can accomplish. It's even better if you can solicit the help of a buddy!

There are a few things you should know before you install your WamBam Fence. Our installation guides are comprehensive and cover the bulk of it, so make sure you read your corresponding guide completely before you begin your project! We also provide "Murphy's Vinyl Fence Laws" and "Murphy's Aluminum Fence Laws". These guides are designed to help you navigate potential obstacles you may encounter while you install your fence.

You can be assured that once you purchase your fence, we won't leave you high and dry with your installation. You are always welcome to call us if you encounter any issues or have any questions. We want to help you install your fence and give you the resources you need.

Please see the links to the right for more information on specifics regarding installing our vinyl and aluminum fence.