Trouble Shooting the Gas Powered Post Pounders (Rentals)

Points of note/things to keep in mind:

  • All pounders are maintained, inspected, and tested for proper operation by WamBam prior to shipping to customers.
  • Gas pounders are not core drills!  They are not intended to make the act of driving our pipe anchors through rock/ledge/large roots any easier, and should not be used as a means to do so!  They are intended to make the job of driving pipe anchors into unobstructed ground easier vs using a manual post pounder.
    • Contact your Project Consultant at WamBam for options if you have rock or ledge where you are installing a pipe anchor.
    • Excessive downward force of gas pounder onto pipe anchor when there is rocks or ledge may damage the pounder and result in repair costs to be charged to you.
    • Engaging the throttle when not on top of a pipe (Ex: revving it like a weed whacker) will result in dry firing of the striker mechanism.
    • This could result in the striker mechanism being disengaged, falling out completely, or damage to the housing unit of the pounder!
  • If you have your pounder but do not yet have your fence delivery, test this pounder to make sure you are able to start it and let it idle.  Don’t engage the throttle, however!

Pounder Use:

  • Fill tank with regular unleaded gas…not oil/gas mixture.
  • Move choke lever to “choke” position which is up.
  • Pump primer bubble 3-4 times until you see gas going into engine.
  • Pull cord until pounder starts…once started, let it run for 2-3 minutes to warm up.  Slide choke lever to “on” position which is down.
  • Always maintain downward pressure on pounder while throttle is engaged on pipe anchor…never engage throttle with pounder off of a pipe anchor.
  • When finished with your project, pour out remaining gas from pounder.
    • Do not send pounder back to WamBam with gas in it!


  • If pounder won’t start:
    • Does it have gas?
    • Is lever pushed up in “choke” position?
    • Is pounder cold?  (Let it warm up sufficiently.  This may take 5-10 mins of idling time).
  • If pounder won’t stay running:
    • Is lever pushed down into “on” position?
    • Does it have enough gas?
    • Have you loosened up the gas cap just enough to allow a small amount of air in?
    • Have you let it idle long enough to allow engine to warm up?
  • If the striker or “guts” fell out:
    • Were you maintaining constant downward pressure while using it?
    • Did pounder “dry-fire” while not being on a pipe?
    • Lift pounder up and push down with some force onto pipe to reseat striker hammer into barrel (if it has not completely fallen out).
      • If striker has come out completely, please do not try and reassemble…call us and we can send out a replacement pounder.  Unfortunately, we cannot overnight replacement pounders.

Common operation Issues:

  • Problem: Customer reports that pounder won’t stay running when engaging throttle on pipe anchor
    • Solution: Loosen gas cap so the rubber seal is not as tight on the tank, this will allow for more air to enter the tank to help gas reach engine from fuel line
  • Problem: Pounder was damaged in shipping or something fell out while operating (housing/bolts/etc.)
    • Solution: Ship the pounder back for repair. Under no circumstances should the customer try and repair the pounder. A project consultant will work with them to get a replacement pounder shipped.
  • Problem:  Customer reports pounder is leaking oil.
    • Solution:  Clean pounder of excess oil using paper towels or rag.  Make sure oil reservoir cap is secure.  Oil may have leaked out during transit.  If oil continues to leak during operation after being cleaned, there is likely a crack somewhere.  Please discontinue use and call for replacement pounder to be shipped.

Rental period:

  • Your rental period is for 10 days.  This 10 days starts the day after you have this pounder AND your delivery of fence.
  • As mentioned in the rental agreement you signed, it is not WamBam’s responsibility to call and remind you your rental period is about to expire.
  • Late fees of $20 per day will be charged to your credit card on file unless an extension is specifically granted by your Project Consultant at WamBam.

Returning the pounder:

  • Empty gas from pounder prior to shipping pounder back.
  • Apply supplied FedEx return label.  Your return label was put inside the case prior to it being shipped to you.
  • Drop off at your nearest FedEx ship location:
    • Do not leave at a FedEx “drop box” location.