I have a sledgehammer. Do I really need a post pounder?

Customers sometimes ask, “I have a sledgehammer, do I really need a post pounder?”  The short answer is YES.  In our experience, having a post pounder makes your install easier and more consistent.  Here’s why:

  1. Post pounders give you a greater chance of installing your pipe anchor straight into the ground.  Straight pipe anchors are key to having straight posts and a good looking install.
  2. Post pounders reduce the likelihood of the top of your pipe anchor getting damaged (mushroomed).  This often happens when using a sledgehammer and can pose a problem when affixing leveling donuts to pipe anchor.
  3. Post pounders reduce the amount of physical work needed to install pipe anchors.  They are heavier than most sledgehammers and more weight behind force being applied typically means less number of strikes needed to drive pipe into ground.
  4. Post pounders require 2 hands, reducing stress on the installer’s arm/shoulder.
  5. Post pounders are (generally) safer than sledgehammers when driving pipes into the ground.  We’ve heard some cringe-worthy stories about swinging a sledgehammer after a long day of wamming and bamming!  See this post HERE for some safety tips about using a manual post pounder.

If you are only installing a few pipe anchors, a sledgehammer will get the job done.  But if you plan on doing more than 4 or so, we highly recommend using a pounder to help complete your project any of the reasons stated above.  The right tool makes any job easier!

Do you need to get a pounder from us?  Not at all.  You can absolutely source one locally, there is nothing proprietary about ours.

Here are the pounders we offer:

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3


Basic Betty: 18 lbs, recommended for one person with less than 12 posts: $50

Big Bertha: 27 lbs, recommended for 2 people who have more than 12 posts: $85

Gas Pounder (10-day rental): 58 lbs, recommended for 1-2 people and only available to customers who have more than 20 posts: $250

See how our gas pounders operate on this video HERE.

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