Ground Reinforcement for Semi-Permanent Projects

When building alternate versions of our screens, or even while building a Zippity fence, sometimes additional reinforcement could be necessary. This could be as simple as buying an additional stake or it could involve the clever alternatives below.  

This is a common topic for customers who opt to build a privacy screen in a straight line instead of the intended L-shape. They find that without the walls supporting each other, the structure can be wobbly or less secure. One option is to buy additional stakes. Products like the Enclo Premium Vinyl Privacy Screen (2 pack) have additional slots that the stakes could fit into. While this adds another point of security for the structure, we have found an alternative.  


Easily found at most hardware stores.

This can be purchased at your local hardware store in varying lengths and thickness. Often, hardware store associates can cut the rebar to the preferred length if it is not readily available.  

  1. Purchase rebar from local hardware store. We recommend lengths around 4-6 feet depending on what product is being reinforced.
  2. Pound roughly half of the rebar into the ground.
  3. Slide the post over the rebar and continue installation per instructions.
  4. Rebar is now concealed and actively reinforcing the structure.