Yard Fencing for Dogs

Yard Fencing for Dogs

How to Chose the Right Fence For Your Dog

One of the most popular reasons for needing a fence is to provide a place for your dog to roam freely to get exercise without you having to worry about safety. There are a few things you may want to consider when choosing a fence for your dogs. 

1. How big is your dog?

Size is perhaps the most important factor when considering a fence, and believe it or not, a small dog is usually more concerning as small dogs can squeeze underneath fences and in between pickets and rails. You'll want to take good measurements of your dog's head and compare them to the specs of the fence you are considering. Read on for tips on how to prevent a dog from squeezing under your fence.

2. Is your dog inclined to bark at other people, dogs, or moving objects?

If your dog is easily excitable, you may want to consider a privacy fence. If an energtic dog that is prone to barking has visiblity of cars, neighbors, or passers by, excessive barking could drive you or your neighbor crazy. Limiting the view may help keep things quieter for your neighborhood.

3. Is your dog social?

Conversely, if your dog is not easily excitable and social, you may want a more open fence so he or she can enjoy the view of the world. Some dogs don't do as well when they are blocked to the outside world by a privacy fence, and you want your dog to be happy and play outside in the yard.

4. Make sure your fence can accommodate ground slopes

While it's true that we feel that stepping your fence to deal wtih sloping ground is a more professional-looking approach, you may not want to do this if you have a small dog that may be able to squeeze under the stepped corners. When it comes to pet safety, make sure that your bottom rails run close enough to the ground that a dog can't squeeze under. You may want to consider a fence that has the option for the bottom rail to be flush with the ground, as seen in the picture left. All of WamBam's fences have this option.

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