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Wind Test Certified for 75mph Winds

Wind Load Tested FenceYou can have peace of mind that your WamBam Fence will withstand extreme weather conditions. Our privacy fence has been independently lab certified to withstand sustained windloads of up to 75mph.

Watch a video of the wind test here.

The goal of this test was to ensure that your privacy fence was survivable in everything but a hurricane. A category 1 hurricane starts at 74mph. If you live in a high velocity wind zone that is prone to hurricanes, you should not install a WamBam privacy fence. All other fence styles will perform.

This was a real field test of two Steady Freddy fence panels and three posts that are installed into the ground. This is not a simulated test of one panel with two posts installed in a steel fixture to simulate the ground. Please also note that the posts are not filled with concrete or simulated to be filled with concrete to maximize wind load potential.

Testing approved by:
ATL Testing Laboratories
1656 Calvert Rd.
Brevard NC  28712
(828) 884.3700

Important Note for South Florida Residents:

This certification does not mean our fence is permitted for Miami-Dade, Broward or Monroe counties. These counties require special certifications we do not have. See more here.