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When Do I Need Metal Post Stabilizers?

Your pipe anchors, even when driven to the recommended depths of 36 inches or 48 inches, will have a wind load resistance problem if the ground around them is unstable.  If your entire fence line is located in loose or extremely loamy conditions, you can install our fence system much like you would if you were installing a traditional fence with concrete footings.   Unfortunately you did not purchase our fence to do that.  You wanted to avoid drilling, digging, cementing etc.  However, maybe in the course of installing your fence, you’ve run across a few occasional spots in your fence line that have shifty soil conditions.  In this case, you should consider our Metal Post Stabilizers, available for both our ornamental aluminum and vinyl fence systems.


For more details, see page 12 of our Murphy's Vinyl Fence Laws guide or page 10 of our Murphy's Ornamental Aluminum Fence Laws guide or see the articles online in our knowledge base.


No-Dig Fence Pipe Stabilizer