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What Pipe Anchors Should I Use With My Gates?

Vinyl Privacy Gate

Gates need to be as stable as possible due to the wear and tear they take over the years. We highly recommend that all gates be connected to fence panels for extra stability. We do not recommend "lone soldier" posts in which a gate is not attached to fence panels. In the event that you must have a lone soldier post because there are no other options, at a minimum you will want to do the following:

1. Ensure the lone soldier post is the latch post and not the hinge post.

2. Use anchor systems that are one size up if possible. This means that if you have a 3ft or 4ft high fence, you will want to use large pipe anchors, and for all fences 5ft and taller, you will want to use large pipe anchors or in some cases dual core pipe anchors.

Please note that due to the weight of our 6ft wide privacy gates, you must use dual core pipe anchor systems at all times and should never have a 6ft wide gate on a lone soldier post. We also recommend you purchase a gate wheel at your local hardware store to help support the weight of the 6ft wide gate. For all gates that are not 6ft wide, this is not necessary.