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What Makes a Great Fence?

What you install

Not all fencing is created equal. There is a lot of econo-grade vinyl on the market. While this might be a good option for you depending on your circumstances, you need to seriously consider purchasing a higher grade fence that looks great and will stand the test of time. For more information, see Professional Grade Vinyl or watch videos demonstrating the superior quality and strength of our fences.

(WamBam's Steady Freddy Fence)

How you install it

You can buy top quality fence, but if you don't install it right, it won't look good in your yard. Special attention needs to be given to things like the slope of your yard. The unique terrain ofyour yard can often pose the biggest challenge in getting your fence to look just right. It also presents the biggest opportunity.

The good news is that WamBam fence is much easier to install than traditional fence for a few different reasons:

1. Unique SnugSlide System

We use a special grooved post design that not only adds to the overall strength of your fence (watch a video demonstrating the strength here), but also becomes very forgiving when adjustment to your ground slope is necessary. Most professional vinyl fences have routed holes in the posts which allows for very little flexibility during installation and over time the rails can even fall out of the posts. (See adjacent picture.)

(Not a WamBam Fence)

2. Stepping

We personally feel that stepping a fence (top image) makes it look much more professional than sloping it (second image). WamBam's fence is designed so you can easily step it. See page 2 of the Murphy's Vinyl Fencing Laws for instructions.

(Not a WamBam Fence)