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WamBam Traditional Line

You may have noticed that we offer a few styles of fencing through resellers such as and The quality and style of the fence is the same as the line we sell on our website, but the post length, packaging and installation method are different.

We used to sell our no-dig fencing through resellers, but it was difficult to properly educated the homeowner on the no-dig system and communicate that they needed to order panels, posts, anchors, caps, etc. Plus, we tend to help customers with material lists to make sure they have what they need, and this wasn't really an option through other websites. We decided to offer a simplified line through resellers to make it as streamlined for the end user as possible. Therefore, below is a list of differences between our WamBam No-Dig fence and the Traditionally installed counterparts offered through resellers.

1. Each panel on our reseller sites contains 1 panel, 1 post, and 1 cap in 1 box for ease of ordering and UPS shipping.

2. Each post is 2ft longer (6ft) to sink into the ground. This means you need to dig holes and pour concrete to install these versions of the fencing.

3. The posts do not come with ground anchors to pound into the ground. You must dig holes and pour concrete to install this style of fence.

Some customers want to go the no-dig way after the fact, and that's an option. You will need to cut your post length down and order pipe anchors from us to convert your WamBam Traditional system into a no-dig system.

As always, you can always call us and we'd love to help!