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WamBam No No's

There are a few ground conditions where the WamBam anchors will absolutely NOT work.

1. If your ground has been backfilled with clean fill but has not been mechanically compacted or given enough time to settle, your pipe anchors will not have the proper structural stability for support. In other words, loose or water saturated muddy ground (more than 12” down below the ground surface)  will pose a  problem over time, especially for a privacy fence. The tougher it is to get your  pipe anchor into the ground, the better. This means your ground is tight and will provide a great foundation for your fence. If the pounding is too easy you may have a future problem.

2. If your ground has been backfilled with chunks of concrete, field stone, or any other materials that can create air pockets under the ground, the WamBam system is not the way to go.

For other situations such as solid rock, slightly rocky or slightly loamy soil conditions, please refer to our Murphy’s Fence Laws guide or view this technical article online. Expecting to sweat a lot more should be a given. That being said, you should be sweating a lot less than trying to use a post hole auger in rock.