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Virtually Maintenance Free

No Painting or Staining Required

Vinyl fence with dogs

Spend time with your family instead of having to paint and stain a wooden fence. Typical wooden fencing tends to fade and deteriorate after time in the sun and weather takes ahold of it. To prevent the demise of wooden fencing it takes a lot of time and effort to paint, stain, and maintain the entire fence. With our vinyl fences you won't have to worry about the rain, the sun, or even category 1 hurricane force winds. Our premium vinyl material withstands the test of the elements, and to support this fact we offer a lifetime warranty with our products. 


Easy to Clean

A simple spray of the garden hose will keep your fence looking new year after year. The easiest and quickest way to care for your fence is to attach a spray nozzle to your garden hose and give your fence a quick bath every month or two. This will rinse off surface dirt and ensure it doesn’t accumulate over the years. If you’ve let it go a little too long and have some especially tough dirt spots after rinsing your fence you may need to use a gentle bleach based clenser on a soft cloth or use a Mr. Clean magic eraser to heal tough stains. See this informative article for more details on how to care for your vinyl fence. 




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