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How does it work?

WamBam's fence is digless because we use a special anchoring system to drive pipe into the ground. Click here for more detailed information or watch a technical video here.

How do you know it works?

Just the facts, Ma'am...

  1. For decades vinyl fencing has been installed this way in Western Canada. In fact, very few professional fence installers in this area even install vinyl fence with a concrete footing anymore.
  2. We regularly sell to fence contractors who use our fence for residential installs.
  3. WamBam Fence has been sold since 2011 to tens of thousands of homeowners across the United States.
If it's so great, why isn't everyone installing fence this way?

Simply put, some people do things the old way because it's always been done that way and that way does work. They don't realize that the new way can be better, more fun, easier, and more efficient.

Driving pipe into the ground has been used in similar applications for years. It's how all chain link is installed, and also how massive and heavy highway signs are installed.

WamBam's fence system is thinking outside the box for vinyl, and it works. The truth is that more and more people are embracing the idea as this movement spreads. It's been around for ages, and is slowly but surely getting traction, particularly since we now have a simple way to level the posts. Think of it as Fence Installation 2.0 (we like to think that Steve Jobs would have installed his fence this way).

The final consideration is that professional fencers have invested so much in expensive machinery to dig holes that it's hard for them to stop using their beloved toys. 

Will WamBam Fence work in rocky ground?

This is a loaded question because it depends on a lot of things. How rocky is your ground? If you're dealing with solid rock, then it is going to be very difficult, just like installing fence the traditional way with an auger is. Having said that, there are things you can do to overcome obstacles like these. Click here to read a helpful knowledge base article about this.  You can also check out page 6 of our "Murphy's Vinyl Fencing Laws" guide.

The short answer is that yes, it will work, but may require some extra work.

Will WamBam Fence work in high wind areas?

Yes! We have had our privacy fence tested indepedently in a lab and have ratings for up to a Category 1 Hurricane, or 74mph.

You can see a video of this wind testing.

There are certain areas of the country where there are strict bylaws against erecting fence due to hurricanes and whatnot, and our fencing is no exception to this.

Can I use another manufacturer's panels with your anchor systems?

Now why would you want to do that? Sure, big box fencing panels are a bit cheaper, but you get what you pay for, and you need more panels (click here for a cost comparison). You can also read here about how panels from another company may not measure up to our professional grade vinyl.

If you insist on using another manufacturer's panels, then yes, you can use our digless anchoring system. It's not totally cut and dried, so click here for some things to need to know first.

But please, if you do choose to go this route, please be kind and don't tell your friends it's a WamBam Fence. We have a reputation to uphold. ;)

Can I buy your fencing at traditional retail outlets?

We do not sell our fence through traditional retail outlets. Selling online and via phone allow us to sell fence to customers at the lowest price possible.  See HERE about how our no-dig system is not only easier but more affordable compared to what you might find at a big box retailer!

If you're skeptical of the product, give us a shout. Many of our customers request a sample kit to see what it's about first, and find that this satisfies their curiousity. We also have a team of dedicated Project Consultants to answer all of your questions and provide you with a quote for your specific project.  

What is your return policy?

We expect that you will be completely delighted with your purchase. If for some reason you are not, we allow easy returns on unopened product if the return is initiated within 30 days after delivery. Click here for more information.

Can I use a generic post pounder purchased at a big box store, or do I need to use your Post Pounders?

We offer several Post Pounder options and you are more than welcome to use a generic one from your local big box store. Just know that a generic one will require a bit more work and muscle to drive your pipes into the ground. Click here to see a side by side comparison of our pounders or click here for a video all about the pounders we offer and which one is right for your fence project.

Is your vinyl co-extruded or mono-extruded?

Our vinyl is mono-extruded 100% virgin vinyl. It's as white on the inside as it is on the outside. This means that if your fence gets scratched, no yellow or gray will show in the scratch because it's white all the way through.

Are your bottom rails reinforced with aluminum?

For two reasons they are not. Firstly, extensive research and testing determined that our 7ft panels will perform without sagging (or smiling) over the lifetime of the product without requiring aluminum reinforcement. If our fence panels were 8ft long (and not 7ft) this would not be the case and they would require aluminum reinforcement. Secondly, our rails were engineered with internal webbing structure that was designed to replace aluminum reinforcement. This is important because aluminum reinforcement adds costs that would just drive up the price of your fence without really being necessary.

Can I make a double gate?

If you have a larger opening than 50" that you need to have gate accessible, you have two options:

1) If your opening is less than 100" you should be able to use two of our standard swing gates to accommodate. Please click here for more information. You can purchase double gate kits and drop rods here.

2) If your opening is greater than 100" you can purchase a fence panel consistent with your fence style and use that along with it's matching gate to create a custom gate width.  PLEASE NOTE:

  • We do not have instructions on how to build gates to a custom width. Measure twice, cut once!
  • Your self-made custom gate will not be covered under warranty.
  • You do need to purchase a whole panel and a whole gate.  We do not sell gate parts seperately for customization.
  • Please use large WamBam pipe anchors for gate posts, and depending on gate width/weight, you may need to supplement with concrete around your post and pipe anchor for additional stability.
  • You will likely need to purchase and install a gate wheel at a local hardware store for additional support and to aleviate stess on the hinges.
  • Ensure that you hang your gate off a post that has an adjoining fence panel in line with it, if possible.
Is your product available in Canada?

We love Canadians!  Heck, our system was designed by a Canadian and both of our founders are from Canada.  Unfortunately, we cannot ship to our friends up north. 

However, we are constantly expanding our products that are available through Canadian online vendors.  The easiest and most affordable way to get our product in Canada is through,,, and  Commonly available products include our traditionally installed fence where you dig holes and pour concrete or semi-permanent fence from our Zippity brand.

What about ground that has been backfilled?

If your ground has been backfilled with chunks of concrete or any other materials that can create pockets under the ground, the WamBam system likely is not the best solution for your needs. Our system is ideally designed for virgin soil like clay. Underground pockets of air created by incongruous materials will not provide enough structural integrity for our pipe anchors. If you ground has been backfilled with clean fill, but has not been mechanically compacted or given enough time to settle, this could pose problems as well. In these cases we would recommend you dig traditional concrete footings for posts. For more information, please see our "WamBam No No's" manual or read this technical article.

What about pre-existing concrete?

If your concrete is less than 6" thick, the WamBam system allows for a very strong and clean installation solution. Drill a 1 5/8" hole directly through your concrete using a hammer or core drill. Pound your 1 5/8" pipe anchor directly through that hole into the earth to the recommended depth per the install guide for your fence. The hole will be neat, tidy and tight, allowing for a worry-free installation.

Please see page 17 of our Murphy's Fence Laws guide for more information, or click here for more information on surface mounting.

Some of your fence is sold on websites such as and What is the difference between this line of fence and the fence found on your website?

We do have another line of fence that is installed the traditional way (digging holes and pouring concrete) as our large dot com resellers needed a very simplified boxed vinyl fence program for their customers. To read all the details on this program and line, please visit this page or read this blog entry.

Can I paint your vinyl fence panels?

Now this is a tricky question. Most people buy a vinyl fence because it's maintenance free. The minute you paint it, you're creating problems for yourself. It voids the warranty. It requires a lot of paint to actually change the color. And worst of all, you'll need to re-paint it more often than you would like to. Because of all this, we don't recommend it. However, if you really, really have a burning desire for a WamBam Fence of another shade, you'll want to paint it with special epoxy-based paint Fusion by Krylon. But really- while it's possible, we don't recommend it.

Can I mount your posts to a deck, patio, or other surface?

Absolutely! Please see this page for detailed information.

Can I see the product before I buy?

WamBam's fence is sold strictly online so you can't see it in traditional retail outlets. Having said that, we do offer a sample kit that enables you to see the quality and fit and function of the fence. Many customers take advantage of this and find that the sample kit satisfies their curiousity regarding the look and feel of the product. Please note that we require all customers get a quote of their project before we send out the sample kit. The sample kit form will help facilitate this.

Update: As of October 2023, if you are in the Charlotte, NC area you can come visit our new retail showroom!

Can I use my existing chain link fence posts to install your fence?

In a rare case, this will work. Make sure that you meet the following criteria:

1. Your existing posts have to be less than 7ft apart.

2. Your existing posts have to be 2mm thick pipe no greater than 1-7/8in ouside diameter (this is not traditional chainlink tubing).

3. If you have gates, there are probably going to be opening conflicts. Make sure you think this through!

Can your fence be used in a temporary application or can the pipes be removed from the ground?

Even though our fence is no-dig, it is definitely not temporary. It's designed to last a lifetime. Once you install it in normal soil conditions, it will be almost impossible to get the pipes out of the ground without the use of specialized hydraulic equipment. When the pipes are driven 3-4ft into the ground, they are there to stay, which is why our fence passes tests for up to a category one hurricane.

Here is a video on youtube of someone trying to pull a pipe out of the ground. As you can see, it's not easy. If you ever need to remove your pipe anchors, we suggest cutting them down so that you can't see them.

Will WamBam's no-dig system work in areas with deep frost?

This fence system handles frost extremely well. It was actually developed in Western Canada where frost heave was so bad it would often heave cement footings out of the ground. To this day, almost all vinyl fence in Western Canada is installed the no-dig way to help mitigate frost. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Cement footings create a “lip” that makes it much easier for frost to heave. A pipe anchor doesn’t have as much surface area so the frost has a much more difficult time heaving it.
  2. If for some reason an occasional no-dig fence post does heave out of the ground, it's relatively easy to fix. One could easily dismantle the post and reset the leveling donut or even the pipe if necessary. It’s virtually impossible to fix a heaved cement footing but it’s very feasible to fix a heaved pipe anchor.


Click here for a blog entry which discusses this in more detail.

How well does the fence do when grass trimmers/weed wackers are used?

Weed wackers or grass trimmers can scratch the vinyl. However, our vinyl is monoextruded as opposed to coextruded. That means that our product is 100% white vinyl all the way through, so scratches will not look as obvious. This is different than coextruded vinyl which most companies use. Coextrued vinyl is a very thin layer of pure vinyl over recycled vinyl, which means a scratch will show more easily as the vinyl underneath is more yellowish or grayish.

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