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The Backstory

The Problem

For the past 100 years or so, driving an anchor or pipe deep into the ground has been known as a great way to install a fence post versus having to dig holes and use concrete. But up until now, there have always been at least two problems. These two problems are why people still have to dig holes and use concrete to this very day.

Solution 1-The Leveling Donut

It's fairly difficult to drive an anchor into the ground perfectly straight up and down. Clever Joe has driven thousands of anchors into the ground using both air-driven and manual pounders, so he knows this from experience. That's why he invented and patented the Leveling Donut. Think of this as your friend, helping you compensate for an anchor that you have driven deep into the ground slightly crooked. You simply adjust it to level from the Anchor Positioner 360 degrees as needed, and then sleeve over it with your visible fence post. Watch Joe explain this.

Solution 2- The Anchor Positioner

Your anchor will tend to jump around during the first few strikes into the ground and lose its intended position. The Anchor Positioner will circumvent this by holding the bottom of your anchor firmly in place as it initially penetrates into the ground. This device also has markers where your fence horizontal rail will sit as a temporary spacer to identify the exact location of your next anchor. This will save you from having to use a clumsy tape measure. The last benefit of this device is the ability for you to determine your post elevation by sliding the device either up or down the anchor shaft to adjust the overall height of your finished fence post. Adjusting the Anchor Positioner to determine your final fence elevation is easier than trying to adjust your actual fence post. Watch a video showing how it works.