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Success Stories From Up To 20 Years Ago

"We installed our vinyl fence the no-dig way almost 20 years ago. That’s a long time and the fence is still straight.  I would recommend this installation method to anyone,  just about anywhere in the world.  I can't understand how anyone would not do it this way.  The yard was not dug up, there was no big drilling equipment and best of all….. no pouring heavy concrete.  The only complaint I have about my vinyl fence is the sap that comes off the trees and sticks to it. It’s hard to keep clean."  

Fred, Winnipeg MB


"We installed our no-dig vinyl fence 18 years ago.  The secret is to drive the pipes deep enough so they don't heave in the frost or are not affected by moisture or dry spells.   You can spot the fences that were concreted because they move over time in our area with frost.  I definitely would not install a PVC fence any other way.  Our privacy fence runs around our entire yard, beside a ditch, and is as much in the open wind as can be and the fence does not move." 

Glen, Winnipeg, MB


"Thirteen years ago we installed our PVC privacy fence around the yard by driving steel pipe into the ground.  We have lots of wind and snow out here in the prairies.  The fence does not feel any more wobbly since the day we installed it.  I think this installation method is the greatest thing since sliced bread.   I watched my dad build fences with cement footings, and the next year the fence would move 6 inches out of the ground because of frost heave.  There was nothing that could be done about that.  I don't think there is a better way to install a vinyl fence."

Fred, Winnipeg