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Product Overages

You can view our full return policy here.

For product overages please call our office at 877-778-5733 to arrange for your product return. They will email you labels. Please note the following guidelines:

  1. We cannot accept any open/half used boxes. If half used boxes are returned, you will be responsible for shipping charges and we cannot reimburse you for the product as it is now unsellable as a complete unit.
  2. You are responsible for return shipping costs. 
  3. FedEx charges a per box pickup fee of $9.99 to come to your house. As such we highly recommend you bringing your return boxes to your local FedEx store once you have received your labels. If you want FedEx to pick them them up from your home, this will be added to your return shipping costs. While we feel it is very unfair that FedEx charges a per box fee and not a flat fee, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done about this- and we have tried!
  4. You may want to use discernment when returning boxes. A box of caps could cost more to ship from California than the value of the product. Our FedEx fees are heavily discounted off retail prices, but they are typically large. It's rare when customers have to return more than 1 or 2 boxes, but if you find your project configuration has changed for some strange reason and you have more than 5 boxes to return, we invite you to get your fence consultant involved. This will allow you to return them in the most economincal way possible and to help minimize "sticker stock" of returned box fees.

To facilitate a return, please call 877-778-5733

Once we get the return into our warehouse, we will issue your refund. This can take 5-10 business days.