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Meet Clever Joe

No Dig Fence Reel


My name is Joe, and I'm the one that came up with installing vinyl and aluminum fence the no-dig way.

Ever since I was a young boy on the farm I've been installing fence. I'm from Manitoba, Canada where we have to deal with some serious frost conditions. Not only was it time consuming and labor intensive to install fences by digging holes and pouring concrete, but due to the severe frost conditions there was still a chance of the footings heaving out of the ground.

I figured there had to be a better way so I started to experiment with driving pipe deep into the ground. I ran into a few obstacles along the way but I started getting creative with the digless fence solution and I found a great way to make it work by inventing a couple handy contraptions that I've since patented.

I've now been installing fence this way for 12 years, and since then I've worked on inventing, re-inventing and perfecting the world of digless fence. I've professionally installed countless fences the WamBam way and I love it because I know it works and it makes people's lives way easier, plain and simple. Click the video links to the right to see me answer some common questions about no-fence.

Happy No-Dig Fencing!

(affectionately known as "Clever Joe" by the folks at WamBam Fence)


We are sad to report that on September 10th, 2018 Joe passed away.