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Customer Stories

A rescue dog loves her fence

A rescue dog loves her new freedom.

"Milly says thanks too! We rescued her almost a year ago and she has been without a fence since June as we moved from our rented house to our newly bought home. Before we rescued her, she belonged to a (very irresponsible) backyard breeder where she was crated for over 17 hours a day. She is LOVING the fence and her newfound freedom."

- Sara, Staunton, VA

Vinyl fence with dogs

"The fence was fun to install.  No digging was perhaps the best part."

..."The project is almost finished so Toby and I are very happy with our new “outside”.  We run back and forth and play with our friends that stop by to run with us.  Fran even decorated the fence with garland and lights for Christmas.  It’s so pretty. Maybe she will keep the fence decorated all winter long...

In the end, Bob says the WamBam instructions and web videos are great.  Customer service is fantastic as the people are very knowledgeable and friendly; shipping was timely.  The quality of the WamBam fence parts is better than the big box store fence parts.  The fence was fun to install.  No digging was perhaps the best part. Toby and I say, “Thank You, WamBam, for our bigger backyard.  We love it.”

Yours truly,
(I’m the handsome one on the left)
- Bob, Avon Lake, OH

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"All the basements were flooded, siding ripped off houses, trees down all around but our fence is still in one piece!"

..."Here comes the interesting part! ONE weekend after we completed the fence…HURRICANE SANDY hit! We had over 24 hours of sustained winds of 50mph with gusts up to 70mph here in Avon, Ohio. The house was literally shaking! In between 12 hours of manually emptying the sump pump because we lost power, I took frequent peeks outside. I was afraid that there would be no fence left standing! With tears running down my face, I thought all that hard work on that fence had been lost. 

After the winds had finally died down and we got our generator delivered we were able to take a deep breath and go outside and assess the damage. THE FENCE WEATHERED THE STORM!

I am now a firm believer in this product! Our neighborhood was hit hard. All the basements were flooded, siding ripped off houses, trees down all around but our fence is still in one piece! I want to thank Wam Bam and all the wonderful employees you have there running your company. It was really a pleasant experience from beginning to end….minus the storm!" - Dawne, Avon, OH 
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"That's when I realized the system was way easier."

"I installed just over 450ft of this fence at my new house in just a couple weekends.  I have some experience with fencing, as I did about 300 feet of wood stockade and vinyl privacy fencing at my last house.  It took me a long time to complete and was a lot of digging. I wanted a fence that would go up easier and faster.

At first I thought it wasn't any easier to install than actually digging out the holes, then I had to dig out a couple holes because I hit rocks <24" down. That's when I realized the system was way easier. Digging a post out would take 20-40 minutes while driving in a anchor only took me about 10 minutes. I also realized I made a mistake not getting the pneumatic post pounder from the start as my productivity dropped off with the "Springy Suzy" as I tired after about 10 anchors. I did 20 anchors the first weekend and 35 the second weekend.

As a Licensed Professional Engineer (mechanical), I felt that the system is very well thought out and engineered. The parts are well designed, strong, high quality and they all fit together with no work (provided you keep the posts properly spaced and level). There were no missing or damage parts and the directions were easy to follow and very comprehensive.I've recommended your product to several people already, including friends who have to install a fence around their new pool.” - Justin, Plainville CT

Aluminum fence with pool

"I am very pleased with the fence and would use and recommend it again and again."

"I was building a new home and trying to save wherever I could. I found WamBam on line and thought it was perfect for my situation. I called the service center and they were very helpful and even offered suggestions on how I could save even more. This product is perfect for anyone who is just slightly mechanically inclined. I installed an the entire fence system by myself over the course of a day and a half. The instructions are easily followed and the product goes in just as they explain.  I am very pleased with the fence and would use and recommend it again and again. Thanks for everything WamBam!" - Cory, Myrtle Beach SC

 "Although I have installed some fences in my years, I have not installed a fence system as well planned and executed as yours."

"I feel obligated to communicate the high degree of satisfaction I have experienced with WamBam Fence. Although I have installed some fences in my years, I have not installed a fence SYSTEM as well planned and executed as yours.

At 65 years old I was not looking forward to digging posts for 126 feet of fencing. I evaluated practically every fence option available, including fence contractors and their products. It did appear there are as many different versions of fence as there are contractors’ opinions of how fencing should be installed. After exhaustive research I decided to purchase the WamBam SYSTEM, and I emphasize SYSTEM....

...The 125 feet of Simple Simon fence was installed in about 1½ days, with occasional help from my wife carrying parts to the site.  WamBam Fence is truly a do-it-yourself system. It eliminates contractor quoting, call-backs and concerns of liability for contractors that may not be insured. (Yes, the homeowner may be responsible for injuries to contractor employees on your property!)

If I had decided to auger and anchor fence posts with concrete I’d still be working on the holes. It’s been a pleasure to work with the WamBam Fence SYSTEM. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a high quality fence system. Pictures enclosed/attached." -Nyle, Cohasset MN

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"It's so easy, even a 75 year old can do it!"

"...I read the instructions regarding how to  figure what you need to order and started out with a portion that I felt  comfortable with, about a 1/4 of the total order.  I wanted to be sure that it was as easy as they said....

Vinyl Pool Fence DIYYou  must understand that I am a 75+ year old man who had a heart attack  just 7 years ago and I was in the real estate business all of my adult  life running a large firm.

On Thursday, I started installing the fence and much to my surprise I was able to install all 6 sections in 1 day.

I then ordered the rest of my fence and when it came, I was able to finish it in 2 1/2 more days.  I must admit that my daughters were concerned about me doing this by myself, so on the last day and a half, they sent one of my grandson's to help...

Not only was it easy, but it replaces a chain link fence that was rusting and falling apart here at the beach.  The hardest thing  I had to do was remove the old fence and posts buried in concrete..." -Allen, Salter Path NC

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"Overall, I am extremely impressed.  I experienced a company whose ads 'told it like it is.'"

Having installed a few fences in my day, I really did not look forward to installing another one.  Looking over product offerings did not indicate a clear winner but looking at installation techniques did...There was this company in North Carolina claiming to have the better way of installing fencing……”RIGHT!” I understand marketing so the claim of ease of installation was taken with a few grains of salt, several shots of tequila, and followed by a quick suck on a lime... 
I emailed Stephen during day 2 that:
1. I was having fun

2. That the installation was professional in appearance (I can show my mistakes but choose not to do so) :>)
3. That “WamBam”ing was simple and easy. However, it is not effortless
4. With some degree of diligence and thought, customization can occur on the fly and does not have to be written in stone tablets during the design.  

Overall, I am extremely impressed.  I experienced a company whose ads “told it like it is.”  The hype that I considered “brag” was not.  It was just plain “fact.”  And this was quite refreshing.- John, North Huntingdon PA 

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"I really like the fact the fence project could be completed by one person."

"Overall, it took me about 28 hours to do the job. All of it was by myself, except for pounding in the anchors. A lot of the time (probably 2 1/2 hours) was clean up. But unlike normal fence projects, most of the cleanup was breaking down the boxes so they could be recycled. And then of course, bringing tools back and forth from the garage to the worksite. There was minimal yard cleanup. As evidenced in the pictures that were taken the day I finished the job, there is no real yard mess. You can still see a lot of the utility markings, and you can see the yard is just starting to come out of winter hibernation. But if I had to dig postholes, etc. it would  have been a much messier job for sure.

Overall, I was very pleased with the process and material. The instructions were easy to follow (though I didn't always follow them as I should have).  I really like the fact the fence project could be completed by one person (though I certainly recommend a helper when driving in the anchors). And of course I appreciated not having to haul, mix and set bags and bags of concrete. And of course, for me, everything fit and functioned as advertised." 

- Gil, Fairfax VA                                    

"It was easy to install and is very durable."

"This fence is exactly what I wanted and my wife and I love it.  It was easy to install and is very durable...even in high winds.  The price was extremely reasonable and was delivered to my doorstep.  The instructions were very easy to follow.  I can't tell you how amazing the service was and I even got replys on the weekend.  Thanks to Mr. Prins and all the staff at WamBam."

- Doug, Williamsville IL