Local Pickup

We are located in Charlotte NC. If you want to pick up your shipment to avoid shipping charges or save money on larger orders, that's a great option! The process is relatively simple.

1. Call us at 1-877-778-5733 or email us to coordinate your order. We will need to manually process it with you. If your order is less than $2500, you will save on shipping charges, and if it's over $2500 you will be eligible for a discount on your order, as determined by your fence consultant.

2. You will need to coordinate your date of pick-up with your fence consultant so that we can be sure that your product will be ready for you to pick-up. Full payment will need to be received at our head office prior to you picking up your order.

3. Our warehouse is located at 701 Lawton Rd. in Charlotte NC. The warehouse is open from 9:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. Orders must be picked up within these time frames.

4. Upon arrival, you will be required to show the warehouse your ID and order confirmation before taking your shipment. The warehouse fellas will help you load your shipment, and will appreciate you helping them out.

WamBam Fence Charlotte North Carolina PickupPlease note that sometimes fencing is heavier and/or bulkier than people assume. It's very important that you ensure prior to pickup that you have the required space in your vehicle to avoid any disappointments. If using a pick-up truck or open trailer, ensure that you have appropriate straps to secure your fencing. Unfortunately we can't be responsible for any transit damage, and no amount of Starbucks will convince our warehouse folks to give you straps. Come prepared for the best experience possible!

Download and print this PDF with directions, complete with a map.

View on Google maps.