All About Transport Freight

The beauty of our product is that it is the only vinyl fence system that can be shipped UPS. However, with larger orders, shipping UPS becomes inefficient for a few reasons including greater shipping costs and more susceptibility to boxes being damaged. While it can seem intimidating to have a big truck pull up to your home, don't fret. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of in the event that your order ships by transport truck.

This is all covered in a short 2-1/2 minute video that can be viewed here. If you prefer to read, keep going!

Delivery Time and Notification

We ship virtually all shipments within 1 business day, and transit time can vary by state (view this chart for motor freight shipment transit times). The shipping company will notify you by phone to schedule your delivery. We recommend giving us your cell phone number when you place your order so that the trucking company has greater odds of reaching you. You need to be on-site and ready to move some boxes for delivery. Unfortunately, we can't be responsible for contacting the freight companies for rescheduling delivery.

What To Expect

You can skip your workout at the gym on delivery day, because you're going to have to slug boxes. Your skid(s) of product will be compartmentalized into cardboard boxes in manageable sizes, and how big depends on your fence style (click here for a list of all box sizes and weights). Sometimes the driver will help you unload the boxes off the truck, but it is not the driver's responsibility to do so. Because of this, we highly recommend having two people ready to hand bomb your boxes off the truck. It will also be helpful if you have a utility knife to cut away the shrink wrap and banding around the pallet. Unloading time is dependent on the size of your order, but prepare yourself to spend some time and sweat equity!

If Your Trucker is Having a Bad Day

We love truckers! They make things happen. We usually have great experience with truckers. However, we don't hire them, and once in a blue moon, our customers are confronted with a trucker having a bad day. Please note that once freight leaves our warehouse, it's virtually out of our control. If you encounter issues with your shipment or trucker, we are on your side and will do whatever we can to help you out. Fortunately we have found that most truckers are helpful and pleasant, and we have always been able to overcome any challenges with a bit of patience and grace from our customers.

Missing/Damaged Product

In a perfect world, nothing is ever damaged in shipping. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, and while rare, damaged shipments occasionally happen.  All damages are the responsibility of the trucking company and not WamBam Fence. Upon receipt of your product, in front of the driver, you should immediately inspect all your contents for any potential damage that may have occurred during shipment. Remember that just because a box looks damaged, it doesn't mean that the product is damaged, so you may need to open a box or two. If there is actual damage to product, please indicate such on the driver's receipt when you sign and contact WamBam Fence immediately so we can send you replacement parts. Pictures are helpful so we can have some recourse with the shipping company.

If you have been short-changed product or received the wrong product as a result of a shipping mistake on our end, please call us immediately at 877.778.5733 and we'll make it right. If you placed your order incorrectly, we'll help you work through it, but you will be required to pay for the additional product.