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We understand that your trust needs to be earned, particularly when you are spending potentially thousands of dollars on an entire fence project. We are so confident in our product that if you order a full WamBam Fence project and are not happy with it, we are happy to take all the product back and give you a full refund. This means you will not be a penny out of pocket.

Because the nature of our product is project-based as opposed to product-based, we ask you to follow these guidelines to take advantage of our generous return policy:

1. Within 30 days of order receipt, try installing 2 anchors and posts, and assembling one panel. This will give you a good feel for the fit and function of the product and how it works. Please do not screw any holes or do any other permanent damage that would render the product used. You can temporarily “float” your horizontal rails and panels into place without using screws if you are still undecided after installing your anchors and posts. If for some reason you're having a tougher time with the installation than you anticipated, we invite you to call us at 1.877.778.5733 so we can offer help. If, after talking to our technical staff, you still decide that the product is not for you and would like to return your whole shipment, he or she will issue you an RMA#.

2. If you received your shipment motor freight, please ensure that the product goes back on the skid and is wrapped securely. While we understand that the 2 anchors, 2 posts, and panel that you used to test the product will be used, we would still like them back so package them back up as best as you can in the original packaging. We also expect that the rest of the product shipment will be brand new, unused, and in original packaging.

3. We will arrange for your product to be shipped back to us.

4. Upon receipt of the entire original shipment, and provided the guidelines above are followed, we will give you 100% of your money back, including any shipping charges you incurred.

Important Note

Please note that while our fencing meets code requirements for the majority of the country, there are some counties that have specialized fence code (Miami-Dade county is a perfect example). It's very important that you get not only HOA approval but also a fence permit if necessary before you order your fence project. Many counties require a permit before you can install your fence. Unfortunately we cannot pay for all shipping costs associated with returns due to failed planning. We will take the product back and help you through it, but you will be responsible for all associated shipping fees. Just remember that this rare scenario can be avoided by obtaining required permits and approval prior to ordering your fence project! This also applies to scenarios in which your project suddenly changes due to lack of planning. Please also note that for motor freight shipments it's your responsibility to take the calls from the trucking company and set up your delivery appointment. In the event that the trucking company is unsuccessful in reaching you for a delivery appointment after multiple attempts and voice mails, we have no choice but to take the product back and will give you a refund less all associated shipping charges.

Excess Material and Single Item Return Policy

Things can change in the course of your fence project. Sometimes customers realize they need more materials, and other times customers realize that they have ordered too much. One of the major benefits of our product is that every box meets UPS guidelines, which makes it easy and somewhat inexpensive to order additional materials, as well as return unused ones. If you find that you need to return excess materials, we are happy to take them back provided they are in their original packaging, and we will credit you less shipping charges. To set this up, please follow the directions here.


Denise Shields
Owner & Founder

Stephen Prins
Owner & Founder

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