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Flexible and Customizable

With most fence installs, some degree of customization is required to fit your application. Our panels come knocked down which makes it very easy to resize and customize as needed. If you need to shrink a panel, you simply trim individual pieces as required with a saw. See this article in our knowledge base for more information or click here to see some pictures on our blog.

Even better, you can create your fence with the style and design that you like. Our Jiminy Picket and Peeping Tom fences can be cut to a concave or convex style. Use your own discretion when deciding how to trim your pickets.

In short, sometimes a "one size fits all" approach is not the best, and we believe this is the case with your fence. When you buy pre-assembled panels, the install is very unforgiving because if you need to make any adjustments, you have to trim the whole panel, which can be very difficult when dealing with large panels.

  • To see a video of a do-it-yourself couple installing a WamBam Fence, click here.