How do I mount my posts to a concrete or wood surface?

Below talks about mounting your fence posts to a concrete or wood surface. For information on mounting your fence posts to a wood or composite deck, see this article.

Option One: Universal Surface Post Mount

Any WamBam vinyl fence or aluminum fence can be mounted to a wood, or concrete surface using our vinyl surface mounts or aluminum surface mounting post.

B, C. Use concrete screws and hammer drill (if concrete surface) to drill and mount.

For Concrete
Please secure to concrete with 3/8 x 3” long wedge or sleeve anchors. Do not use Concrete or Blue Screws.

For Wood
If you have access under your wood deck, please mount additional 2×6 or 2×8 wood blocking between your floor joists directly underneath your deck surface. Then drill holes thru both your deck surface and the additional wood blocking and use 3/8 x 4” diameter bolts, washers and nuts to secure from the underside of deck. Do not use Wood Screws or Lag Bolts.

D. For vinyl posts, leveling donuts can be adjusted to compensate for uneven mounting surfaces. For aluminum posts, you can level the Surface Mount with stainless steel washers.

Option 2: Drill directly through concrete

If concrete is less than 4in. thick, you may want to attempt drilling directly through it as illustrated below.

A. Mark holes for drilling.

B. Use a 1-5/8in. concrete drill bit (vinyl anchors) or 1in. concrete drill bill (aluminum anchors), extension if needed, and a concrete hammer drill.

C. Drill both pre-marked holes completely through concrete.

D. Pound anchors through holes in concrete to a depth of approximately 32in. to 36in.

E. Trim anchor positioner along bottom edge.

F. If necessary, see fence instructions for more information on how to install anchors, adjust leveling donuts and install posts. Vinyl post pictured above.

Option 3: Chain Drilling to Create a 1″ Hole in Concrete

If you have a few holes to create, you may want to consider using a normal rotary hammer drill to create a 1″ hole.

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