And The Winners of the 2018 WamBam Fence Photo Contest Are…

The dust has settled on the 2018 photo contest, and it was our biggest contest to date! We had more entries than ever this year, and for good reason; we had more people than ever who had beautiful fences to be proud of. We saw some of the best-looking and creative entries ever in this year’s contest! Last week we posted the 25 finalists to our Facebook page and were blown away by how quickly people came out to vote for their favorite entries! The competition was fierce for the first day or two, but by day three we had a handful of entries that were standing above the rest, leaving us with two distinct categories: the top five and everyone else. The top five battled it out for the rest of the contest, but every contest has to come to an end, and this Monday our contest did just that. And so by popular vote, here are the winning entries for the 2018 WamBam Photo Contest! If you want to see all the entries we had this year, you can find the whole album here.

1st Place: Brian Duscher

No photo description available.

Brian and his wife Dana dreamed of having the perfect fence for their doggy daycare. A combination of Jiminy Picket and Steady Freddy fences gave them just the look they wanted, and their customers love it too!

2nd Place: Lila Robinson

Lila needed a safe outdoor play area for her furry little friend. The Sturbridge Fence helped give her the perfect, stylish enclosure she was looking for!

3rd Place: Al Horvath

Al just needed a good privacy fence for his yard, and a lot of it! 260 feet of Steady Freddy Fence later and he’s got the perfect enclosure for his yard. Now he’s even getting envious glares from the neighbors!

Well that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who participated in 2018’s contest, either by entering or by voting. Here’s to an even better 2019!

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