Driving Pipe with the Skidril G20

Installing a fence is a big job. Fortunately, WamBam makes it much easier with the no-dig approach. But it still doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Update: Watch this 75 second video for a quick overview of no-dig fencing:

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Hand’s down, the most labor intensive part of installing your WamBam Fence will be driving the pipe into the ground. We’re always looking for ways to make our customer’s lives even easier, and we’re pretty excited bout the new G20 by Skidril on the market. Our intentions are to have these as a rental option for the spring of 2013.

Denise was pried away from her desk to take the new G20 for a test spin. You can watch it below:

If you’re considering a vinyl or aluminum fence and you want to take the easiest install route, give us a call to see how this handy tool can make your vinyl fence install that much easier!

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